Sunday Ministries:

9:00 a.m.: The Sanctuary
10:40 a.m.: The Sanctuary
10:40 a.m.: The Venue
6:00 p.m.: Small Group Ministries

Wednesday Ministries:

6:00 p.m.: Orchestra Rehearsal
6:15 p.m.: Kids and Teen Ministries
6:30 p.m.: Adult Ministries with a wide variety of choices,
including Choir Rehearsal


Breaking News

Welcome to Midland Valley Community!

Travis & Laura Greene

We are thrilled to announce that Travis Greene has accepted our new staff position as Worship & Communications Pastor.  In this new role, Travis will lead worship for our 11:00 am Chapel service and oversee all of our church's media and communications (video, newsletters, social media, website, etc.)  Travis & Laura's first Sunday at Midland Valley is June 19, and a welcome reception is planned for Sunday, June 26 at 7 pm.

For more details click here.



Sunday School Superintendent - John Rutherford

Sunday School Board - Christina Gunter, Jason Shealy, Amber Taylor, Brian Willis

NMI President - Vicky Ostendorf

NMI Executive Council - Bill Brummer, Gordon Roy, Donna Schwamberger

NMI Convention Delegates - Bill Brummer, Candy Brummer, Denny Giddings, Donna Hines,                           Paul Hines, Rachel Tanner, Brenda Tweed, Wesley Tweed
         Alternates (in order) - Marvin Tanner, Connie Irons, Diane Giddings

District Asembly Delegates - Mark Alison, Denny Giddings, Donna Hines, Paul Hines,                               Becky Pederson, Jeff Pederson, Jason Shealy, Sara Shealy, Madeline Tanner,                         Marvin Tanner, Rachel Tanner, Brenda Tweed, Wesly Tweed, Deborah Wilmoth,                     Tony Wilmoth
         Alternates (in order) - Diane Giddings, Anne Milo Ludwig, Jim Saine

Church Board - Mark Alison, Brooke Bryan, Robbie Duncan, Jeff Grice, Charlene Hamrick,                             Paul Hines, Mike Merriett, Ken Middlebrooks, Charlie Mills, Terry O'Banion,                             Jeff Pederson